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Indy Summer Small Ice Clinics  Ice Hockey

TPH Indiana
Jun 1 ’22
Jul 27 ’22

Small Ice Skills Clinics
Monday and Wednesdays
June 1 through July 20, 2020
Hamilton Center Ice Arena, Columbus IN

Instructors:  Andrew Kremer and Greg Austin

Age Groups:
Group 1:  2010-2013
Group 2:  2006-2009

Times for All Clinics listed below:
Group 1:  5:15-6:15 pm
Group 2:  6:30-7:30 pm

Cost: $35 per clinic

Only 10 spots available per clinic

June 1: Speed & Agility
Session will focus on speed elements that will test players ability to work on their agility and edgework.

June 6:  Body Contact
Session will focus on developing age-appropriate body contact safely and confidently.  Players will be taught the correct methods of giving and receiving body contact.

June 8: Battle Clinic
Session will focus on working through challenging game situation against other players.
June 13:  Puck Skills & Passing
Session will focus on players developing puck control and the ability to make and receive accurate passes under time and pressure constraints.

June 15: Small Area Games
Session will focus on game formats that will allow players to develop skill sets that will improve their ability to operate on the ice effectively.

June 20: Evasion & Deception
Session will focus on improving players ability to elude and surprise the defending player.

June 22:  Game Tactics
Session will focus on proving game specific situations and provide opportunities for players to navigate these effectively.

June 27:  Shooting
Session will focus on fundamentals of shooting:  push shot, back shot, pull shot, quick release and shooting under pressure.

June 29:  Overspeed
Session will focus on players ability to execute skills at speeds that will challenge their comfort zone.

July 11:  Puck Protection and Confidence
Session will focus on proper methods of puck protection while improving the opportunity to build confidence with the puck under time and space constraints.

July 13:  Competitive Contact
Session will focus on teaching players to utilize all aspects of contact including body but also incorporating stick work and situational decision making.

July 18:  Competitive Clinic
Session will focus on raising the competitive mentality of players and highlight situations where compete level will make a positive impact in game situations.

July 20:  Skills & Drills
Session will focus on an encompassing clinic providing an array of skills and drill situations that will positively impact player development.

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